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Best Divorce Tips From a Lawyer

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Every divorce is unique, but there are certainly good and bad habits for any person going through a divorce. Read on for a few tips on what to do and what not to do during your divorce, and call a seasoned Houston divorce lawyer to discuss your Texas divorce or other family law matter.

Be Respectful and Civil

Divorces are heated, emotional affairs. The best thing you can do is try to keep a level head throughout the proceedings. You do not have to like your ex, but if you are cordial, you are likely to end the process more quickly and get more of what you want. Exploding in court or mediation will only make it more difficult to get the custody rights or marital assets you are seeking.

Do Your Homework

Filing for divorce requires quite a bit of work. You will be filling out financial affidavits, gathering financial documents, reviewing settlement offers, preparing for hearings and depositions, etc. The more work you put in, the more you are likely to get out of the process. Your attorney will shoulder much of the burden of the legal side of things, but the more prepared you can be for your portions, the better you will be overall.

Stay Away from Social Media

Every divorce lawyer has at least a few horror stories about something a client or a counterparty posted on social media that completely derailed a case. Courts do not like to see you badmouthing your ex publicly, especially if you have shared children. Posting about a new relationship could also affect things like custody and property distribution. Be wary of posting anything at all until your divorce is finalized.

Don’t Hide Assets

You may have bank accounts, stocks, or other assets that your ex does not know about. Do not try to hide anything from the court. When you file for divorce, you are required to disclose all assets, whether separate or marital. Courts almost always discover hidden assets, and the party who tried to hide those assets is likely to suffer significant penalties in terms of property distribution, spousal support, and even criminal sanctions. If you are open and transparent from the beginning, you are likely to make the mediation and negotiation processes go more smoothly, and you will earn the goodwill of the court, which can help with any number of legal motions and arguments.

Ask Questions

Your lawyer is there to help you get the best result possible for you throughout the process. If there’s something you don’t understand, ask your lawyer. Make sure you understand settlement offers, your options for resolution such as mediation and arbitration, and even your attorney’s bills. The more informed you are throughout, the more comfortable you can be that the divorce is proceeding in accordance with your desires.

Keep Your Kids Out of It

We could do a whole series on how best to handle custody disputes and parenting issues during a divorce. But, to highlight one of the most important general rules: Do your best to keep your kids out of the whole process. Divorce is likely to be difficult for them just as it is for you. Try not to argue with your ex in front of them, and do not use them as a go-between for you and your ex. Do not badmouth your ex to your children. Keep up your relationship with your kids throughout the process, and make sure you are aware of their needs and their fears.

If you’re dealing with matters concerning alimony, property division, child support, divorce, or other family law issues in Texas, get legal help protecting your rights by contacting the seasoned and compassionate Houston family law attorney Maria Lowry at 713-850-8859.

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