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Daughter feeding elderly mother with soup.

Considerations for Caregivers – How to Help Your Loved One and Other Family Members During Difficult Times

By Maria Lowry |

In our last post, we discussed the importance of planning for incapacity and end-of-life care, creating a complete set of legal documents so family members caring for an elderly parent or spouse have the ability to ensure their loved one gets adequate care and that they are appropriately looked after, both in terms of… Read More »

Joyful woman taking care of elderly mother. Young woman hugging senior lady and showing something out of window. Positive emotions concept.

Important Legal Issues That Commonly Arise When Caring for Elderly Parents or Spouses

By Maria Lowry |

On the whole, we in the United States are all living longer and healthier lives. One consequence of this positive advance is that more of us will experience age-related decline and require assistance with activities of daily living, whether in our own homes, the homes of our grown children, or professional care facilities. Taking… Read More »

Documents about Termination of parental rights in court.

Knowing Your Parental Rights

By Maria Lowry |

Navigating the complexities of family law can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding your parental rights. In Texas, parental rights are designed to protect the relationship between a parent and their child, ensuring that both parties’ best interests are taken into account. As a parent going through a divorce, seeking custody, or… Read More »

Figurines, model of a house and a gavel, as a concept of inheritance law.

Are Inheritances Split in a Texas Divorce?

By Maria Lowry |

When couples are divorcing and one of the parties has recently received an inheritance, an important question often arises in the minds of both parties: Is the inheritance included in the property division? On the one hand, the inheritance occurred during the marriage, and property acquired during marriage is community property. On the other… Read More »

Single father walks with his three daughters of different ages and two pets dogs German boxer. Concept of lonely education, single parent family

Texas Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

By Maria Lowry |

The right of parents to share custody of their children doesn’t arise because of marriage; it arises due to the fact that they had a child together. That said, custody decisions and disputes regarding unmarried parents are in many ways more complex to sort out than disputes among married couples who are going through… Read More »

Model of house and wooden gavel

What Is Needed to Prove Separate Property at the Time of Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

Understanding Separate Property in Texas Divorces Obtaining a divorce involves several moving parts. Beyond dissolving the marriage itself, critical questions must be resolved such as spousal support, child custody and child support where applicable, and of course, the division of marital property. A crucial component of the property division is the determination of separate… Read More »

libra scale and magnifying glass on stack of books against blue background

Texas Supreme Court Approves New Rules of Civil Procedure Affecting Discovery in Family Law Cases

By Maria Lowry |

The rules have changed for family law litigation. For divorce, child support and alimony cases filed on or after September 1, 2023, the process for discovery will be simpler than it was before. Read on to learn about what “discovery” means in the context of a divorce or other family law matter, and how… Read More »

Wooden judge gavel, golden rings, and divorce decree; document is mock-up

New Rule Makes Reimbursements Simpler and Fairer in Texas Divorce Cases

By Maria Lowry |

HB 1547 is now in effect in the state of Texas. We first offered a simplified guide to Texas’ new marital reimbursement law in August, but now that the law is fully in effect, let’s take a deeper dive into this new rule that makes reimbursements simpler and fairer when it comes to property… Read More »

Keys with matching split house and heart keychains on a wooden table. Splitting assets in a divorce.

What Is Community Property Under Texas Law?

By Maria Lowry |

When it comes to divorce, one of the most complex and often contentious issues is the division of assets. In Texas, the concept of “community property” plays a significant role in this process. Understanding what community property is and how it impacts asset division can help you navigate the complexities of divorce more effectively…. Read More »

interior of an empty modern courtroom

Does Adultery Affect Child Custody in Texas?

By Maria Lowry |

Even an amicable divorce can become a complex matter when it comes time to work out questions related to child custody and visitation, or conservatorship and possession as they are known in Texas. When the issue of adultery is present, the divorce process is more emotionally fraught, but is it more complicated from a… Read More »

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