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little daughter girl doesn't want parents to be divorced

What is Collaborative Divorce?

By Maria Lowry |

Family law is an evolving field. Historically, most divorce disputes were resolved in the courtroom or via settlement negotiations. Now, there are a variety of forms of alternative dispute resolution aimed at limiting the time, cost, and energy required to get a divorce decree. Mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce are among the new means… Read More »

握手, ビジネス

What is Mediation?

By Maria Lowry |

Divorce can be an emotionally-wrought, expensive, and drawn-out process. In an ideal world, both parties would enter the process in agreement both as to the necessity of divorce and as to how the divorce should be resolved in terms of child custody, child support, alimony, division of property, etc. Most divorcing couples do not… Read More »

Young woman over isolated pink background thinking an idea

Best Divorce Tips From a Lawyer

By Maria Lowry |

Every divorce is unique, but there are certainly good and bad habits for any person going through a divorce. Read on for a few tips on what to do and what not to do during your divorce, and call a seasoned Houston divorce lawyer to discuss your Texas divorce or other family law matter…. Read More »

Divorced woman holding envelope with dollars, savings for single mom, allowance

How Long Can You Expect to Pay or Get Alimony in Texas?

By Maria Lowry |

Alimony, also called spousal support or spousal maintenance, is a hotly contested issue in many divorces. High-income spouses often resent the obligation to pay their ex for years after a divorce, while lower-earning spouses rely on alimony to meet basic needs. Alimony is not, however, meant to be forever. Texas law sets specific guidelines… Read More »

Judges hammer with folded dollars and wallet on the table. Top view.

Is Wage Garnishment Allowed in Texas?

By Maria Lowry |

If you are facing mounting debts, whether from divorce settlements, overdue taxes, medical expenses, or unpaid credit cards, you might be concerned that your creditors could undertake a variety of collection efforts: property attachment, repossession, bank account freezes, etc. One of the most frustrating forms of debt collection is wage garnishment. Wage garnishment allows… Read More »

depressed Asian woman having problem with debt hand holding empty wallet and credit card

How Do I Get Rid of Payday Loans?

By Maria Lowry |

Payday loans can initially seem like a win-win situation: You are getting money you have already earned early, and since it is money that you already earned, you should have no problem repaying the loan once you get the paycheck. Unfortunately, payday lenders are often predatory. They tend to charge exorbitant interest rates and… Read More »

Broken Pink Piggybank With Bandage

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Maria Lowry |

If you are struggling with medical bills, credit card debt, car payments, or other forms of debt, you might wonder whether bankruptcy is the right option for you. Bankruptcy helps thousands of Americans get out from under debt every year, starting them on the path toward financial recovery and freedom. There are different forms… Read More »

Young couple receiving foreclosure notice letter

How to Stop Foreclosure in Texas

By Maria Lowry |

If you are struggling with debt and behind on your mortgage payments, you might be concerned that your mortgage lender or other creditor will move to foreclose on your home. There are options for debtors to delay or prevent foreclosure. Continue reading to learn about your options for postponing foreclosure in Texas, and reach… Read More »

Young happy married family couple making decision before signing contract.

Estate Planning During Coronavirus

By Maria Lowry |

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted nearly every facet of daily life, as well as business and legal proceedings. The U.S. economy is dipping to depression levels. The crisis is a stark reminder of the importance of having your financial ducks in a row. Things can change for the worse in a heartbeat. Rather than… Read More »

Covoid-19 Virus around earth animation

Child Support And Possession During Covid-19

By Maria Lowry |

There is much uncertainty in the US and in the world right now. This is a good time to gather the information you’ll need to make decisions over the next weeks or months. Among these: if school is not in session, which parent has the children? what happens if my ex doesn’t turn over… Read More »

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