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partial view of lawyer and client sitting at table with divorce decree and wedding rings

Understanding HB 1547: A Simplified Guide to Texas’ New Marital Reimbursement Law

By Maria Lowry |

Texas law is continuously evolving to reflect societal changes and meet the varying needs of its citizens. In that vein, the Texas legislature has recently passed a new law, House Bill 1547 (HB 1547), that significantly alters the way a spouse can claim reimbursement from the marital estate during a divorce. These changes involve… Read More »

The division of property and divorce concept. Bag of money, house, people and the judge's hammer.

Navigating Property Division in Texas Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

With the divorce rate in the United States consistently hovering around 40 to 50 percent, many individuals are finding themselves facing the complex, emotional task of dividing property after the dissolution of a marriage. At the Law Office of Maria Lowry, a Houston, Texas family law firm, we strive to provide skilled guidance and… Read More »

unfit parent

What Factors Do Courts Use to Decide if a Parent is Unfit?

By Maria Lowry |

Texas courts decide child custody matters based on a holistic review of the best interests of the child. Under most circumstances, the court will find a way to maintain some custodial relationship between the child and both parents. Texas courts tend to believe that children benefit from continued contact with both of their parents…. Read More »

Property division

Property Division Tips You Should Know

By Maria Lowry |

Division of property is one of the most complex parts of a divorce. If you’re working toward a property division settlement, or if you know the matter will wind up in court, it’s important to understand the law and how to take the appropriate steps to protect your property, your finances, and your family…. Read More »

Car keys closeup, couple signing divorce documents about property division

Property Division: What Can I Keep & What Must I Divide in Texas?

By Maria Lowry |

Divorce is a difficult time for any couple, regardless of whether the separation was amicable or not. One of the most important aspects of a divorce (and one that is often hotly contested) is the division of property. Texas is one of nine states that are classified as community property states. This means that… Read More »

child custody attorney

Ways to Lose Child Custody

By Maria Lowry |

Texas courts decide child custody matters based on the best interests of the children, and unless given reason to think otherwise, they assume children are best served through continued contact with both parents. Courts will typically only strip a parent of their custody rights when they believe a child’s health or well-being is at… Read More »

White house with golden coin stacks, male, female and gavel on concrete

How to Transform Community Property Into Separate Property

By Maria Lowry |

Texas is a community property state. That means that you and your spouse are each entitled to an equal share of the marital estate upon divorce. Under certain circumstances, however, you can protect specific pieces of property from being divided and distributed on divorce. With the right legal tools and the right representation, you… Read More »

Family Law book with legal gavel

What to Know About Divorce Temporary Orders in Houston

By Maria Lowry |

Navigating a divorce can be a stressful and overwhelming process. If children are involved, this stress can be compounded. In Texas, temporary divorce orders are meant to help alleviate some of the stress. These orders can help bring a set of clear expectations for both parties so that they can move through the divorce… Read More »

property division concept

Common Misconceptions About Property Division in a Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

Divorce carries a lot of myths. These misconceptions arise from pop culture, word-of-mouth, and other misinformed sources. It’s important to go into your divorce with eyes open and an accurate understanding of how the process works. Below, our knowledgeable property division attorney addresses and dispels a number of misconceptions regarding property division in a… Read More »

Printed child support agreement with man, woman and child wooden figures in a conceptual image for financial child support. Over blue background.

Retroactive Child Support in TX

By Maria Lowry |

If you believe you are entitled to child support, it’s important to act quickly to exercise your legal rights. It can be challenging to get a parent to pay child support with a court order already in place, but what about the time period before you obtain the child support order? Can you ever… Read More »

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