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couple talking with mediator in mediation session

Divorce Mediation Checklist

By Maria Lowry |

Courtroom divorces can take years to resolve and require thousands of dollars in costs and fees, all while taking a high emotional toll on the spouses and their children. More and more divorcing couples are instead choosing divorce mediation, an out-of-court approach to dividing marital property, determining how child custody will be shared, and… Read More »

Gavel and house for divorce concept

Money Is Not “Tangible Personal Property” in Recent Divorce Case

By Maria Lowry |

The fallout from divorces, unfortunately, often does not end when a final divorce decree is entered. Parties commonly drag their feet in transferring property and other assets in accordance with the divorce order. As with any other type of legal dispute, state law encourages people to act quickly to secure their legal rights rather… Read More »

serving divorce papers while living together

Is Living Together During Divorce in Texas Allowed?

By Maria Lowry |

Divorces are often unexpected and can leave both parties in unsure financial situations. Moving to a new apartment or house can take time and resources that you may not have readily at your disposal. Can you continue to cohabitate with your spouse during the divorce process? Should you do so? Can you live together… Read More »

Financial consultation

Starting a Marriage by Getting on the Same Page

By Maria Lowry |

Sarah Cuddy, a Financial Advisor with Baird Private Wealth Management in Houston, has published an excellent article about the importance of mutual understanding of each person’s present finances and future goals for a healthy, lasting marriage. You can read the article by clicking here. Note: Sarah Cuddy and Baird Private Wealth Management do not offer… Read More »

cryptocurrency is one of many digital assets

Digital Assets in a Texas Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

The digital era has brought with it unexpected complications in the area of family law. Divorcing couples now have a whole new set of assets to divide up. Digital and virtual assets can be hard to identify, quantify, and determine to whom they should go. Moreover, the interconnectedness of our digital lives can create… Read More »

As a result of relocation, a family packs up boxes with children

Child Custody and Relocation in Texas – The Basics

By Maria Lowry |

Divorce is, unfortunately, the gift that keeps on giving. Even after all the papers are signed, issues continue to arise, particularly if you share a child with your former spouse. We previously discussed the difficulties surrounding moving a child to a new school, and how to make the transition easiest for your children. Relocating… Read More »

Book about parental alienation on a table next to gavel

Attachment-Based Parental Alienation in High-Conflict Custody Cases

By Maria Lowry |

In last month’s blog, we discussed handling child visitation interference in Texas, where one parent obstructs the other parent’s right to spend time with the child(ren). Obstructing child visitation brings up the issue of attachment-based parental alienation, which, in turn, can cause parental alienation syndrome in children. Parental alienation syndrome is frequently brought up… Read More »

Child custody and visitation form with book and pen

Handling Child Visitation Interference in Texas

By Maria Lowry |

A story gained traction in the Texas news last month regarding interference with a child custody and visitation order. A San Antonio mother describes how she lost contact with her oldest son after he went to visit his father in California and never returned as he should have based on the parents’ child visitation… Read More »

Keys attached to a house keychain

Why You Should Wait Until Your Divorce is Final Before Buying a Home

By Maria Lowry |

When you’re getting divorced, it may feel like you can’t get on with your new life fast enough. You’re ready for your fresh start, and that may include a new home. Good for you! But it’s in your best interest to wait until your divorce is final before entering into a contract to buy… Read More »

Hands of wife and husband signing divorce documents

With Common-Law Marriage, It’s Simple to Tie the Knot in Texas; But There’s No Equally Simple Common-Law Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

In Texas, two people can become married without getting a marriage license or having a marriage ceremony. It’s called a common-law marriage. Most people are familiar with the term, but there’s often uncertainty regarding just how legally binding, enforceable, and durable a common-law marriage is. The answer? Once established, a common law marriage has… Read More »

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