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dividing joint-property

Dividing Jointly-Owned Property After Divorce in TX

By Maria Lowry |

Some couples will approach their divorce with limited assets and an easier time reaching a settlement. If the parties have only a joint bank account, some personal property, and perhaps even a home, it might be easier to reach a settlement or at least identify the points of contention. Parties with more complex assets,… Read More »

african american child holding ripped paper with family on white

How to Help Your Child Cope With Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

Divorce is challenging for everyone involved. Children can be hit especially hard; it’s a confusing and stressful process. There are, however, steps you can take to help them through the process and limit the negative effects. Below, we discuss a few tips for helping your kids cope with your divorce. If you have questions… Read More »

Divorce property division concept. hammer judge, the house is di

How Property Is Divided in a Texas Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

Texas follows a handful of other states that observe community property during a divorce. This means that both income, property, and other assets acquired by a couple belong to both parties equally. This standard applies to financial liabilities as well; any debt that is incurred by either spouse during the marriage belongs to both… Read More »

Young family couple talking with property real estate agent abou

How Do Prenups Affect Mortgages?

By Maria Lowry |

For some couples, a prenuptial agreement can be a necessary piece to having a successful marriage. As these agreements have ticked up over the past couple of years, their popularity is sometimes overshadowed by the complexity and misunderstanding that often surrounds them. Even after establishing a prenuptial agreement, different variables later on in life… Read More »

Portrait of kind girl that looking at camera

What You Should Know About Enforcing Visitation in Texas

By Maria Lowry |

In Texas, child custody and visitation rights are typically established by an agreement made by both parents. If an agreement can’t be reached, then a decision set by the family court judge will detail how custody and visitation are split between both parents. When a judge hears a case regarding child custody visitation, the… Read More »

Vector of a sad businessman and woman sitting on a very long contract document feeling desperate

What Happens to Your Family Business if You Divorce?

By Maria Lowry |

Some assets in a divorce are simple, if painful, to distribute; one party gets the house, the other gets the car and a larger share of the bank account. Other assets can be exceedingly complex. What happens when you own and operate a business during your marriage? Does half of your business suddenly belong… Read More »

Blue house with golden coin stacks, male, female and gavel on concrete background. Divorce and property division concept. 3D Rendering.

How Property Division in an Estate Plan Changes During a Divorce in TX

By Maria Lowry |

Many people think of an estate plan as a one-time chore. You get your will or trust set up and then you move on–like buying that nice couch for the living room. Much like that couch, however, after enough time has passed, it may be time to get a new estate plan. If you… Read More »

A firm handshake through an iron grate. Friendship contrary to obstacles

How Does Incarceration Affect Child Support in Texas?

By Maria Lowry |

Life can throw some people one curveball after another. If you are divorced or separated from your child’s other parent and you or your co-parent are sent to jail, what happens? Do child support obligations change? If the paying party is sent to jail, does their support obligation automatically end? If the receiving party… Read More »

Judge auction and real estate concept

What is the Acceptance of Benefits Doctrine?

By Maria Lowry |

The acceptance of benefits doctrine is a legal doctrine that concerns how and when a party can challenge a court’s judgment. Failing to understand the implications of the doctrine can leave a party in dire straits following a divorce, should they find themselves unable to challenge a settlement or court order despite the existence… Read More »

Wooden family figures, gavel and pink piggy bank on dollar banknotes, savings and divorce concept

IRA And Divorce: How Taking an Early Distribution Can Affect IRA Split

By Maria Lowry |

Retirement accounts can be some of the most complex assets to deal with in a divorce. There are options available to divorcing parties, and there are methods of division that are objectively better for each party. Below, we explore how IRAs are divided in a Texas divorce and how different distribution processes can affect… Read More »

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