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depressed Asian woman having problem with debt hand holding empty wallet and credit card

How Do I Get Rid of Payday Loans?

By Maria Lowry |

Payday loans can initially seem like a win-win situation: You are getting money you have already earned early, and since it is money that you already earned, you should have no problem repaying the loan once you get the paycheck. Unfortunately, payday lenders are often predatory. They tend to charge exorbitant interest rates and… Read More »

Broken Pink Piggybank With Bandage

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Maria Lowry |

If you are struggling with medical bills, credit card debt, car payments, or other forms of debt, you might wonder whether bankruptcy is the right option for you. Bankruptcy helps thousands of Americans get out from under debt every year, starting them on the path toward financial recovery and freedom. There are different forms… Read More »

Young couple receiving foreclosure notice letter

How to Stop Foreclosure in Texas

By Maria Lowry |

If you are struggling with debt and behind on your mortgage payments, you might be concerned that your mortgage lender or other creditor will move to foreclose on your home. There are options for debtors to delay or prevent foreclosure. Continue reading to learn about your options for postponing foreclosure in Texas, and reach… Read More »

Young happy married family couple making decision before signing contract.

Estate Planning During Coronavirus

By Maria Lowry |

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted nearly every facet of daily life, as well as business and legal proceedings. The U.S. economy is dipping to depression levels. The crisis is a stark reminder of the importance of having your financial ducks in a row. Things can change for the worse in a heartbeat. Rather than… Read More »

Covoid-19 Virus around earth animation

Child Support And Possession During Covid-19

By Maria Lowry |

There is much uncertainty in the US and in the world right now. This is a good time to gather the information you’ll need to make decisions over the next weeks or months. Among these: if school is not in session, which parent has the children? what happens if my ex doesn’t turn over… Read More »

Hand and model house divorce house separation real estate human

Who Has to Leave the House in a Divorce?

By Maria Lowry |

Divorces can be emotionally-charged, difficult affairs. If the parties have been together for a long time, share a home, and share children, numerous complexities and disagreements can arise throughout the process. One question we often receive from clients involves the parties’ living situation while the divorce is pending: Does one spouse need to move… Read More »

Problems in relationships

What Are My Rights as a Second Wife in a Bigamous Relationship in Texas

By Maria Lowry |

The times are changing, and relationships are evolving.  It is becoming more common for the makeup of a family to look notably different from the traditional, 1950s-style nuclear family.  There are certain types of relationships that the law, however, refuses to recognize on public policy grounds.  If you are in a three-person relationship, or… Read More »

Judge's gavel and trophy on white background. Symbol for jurisdiction. Law concept a wooden judges gavel on table in a courtroom or law enforcement office

Taking a Closer Look at Attorney Awards and Evaluations

By Maria Lowry |

When you’re in the market for an attorney to represent you in a Texas divorce or custody dispute, it can be difficult to know where to begin or who to trust. If you start by simply sifting through the websites of attorneys in your area, you might notice that many attorneys include a list… Read More »

Things to Consider 3d Red Words Remember Important Advice Before Starting

Things to Consider Before Your Texas Divorce

By Maria Lowry |

Divorce will affect every aspect of your life—your home, your finances, your relationships, your family, and your emotional well-being. Before filing for divorce—potentially before telling your spouse you want to divorce—it’s a good idea to prepare for the process in the most critical ways. Read on to find out what you should consider before… Read More »

family law

Moving Out of State without a Custody Agreement

By Maria Lowry |

When you become a parent, your life will become tied to that of your co-parent, even after a divorce. Unless you have been granted sole managing conservatorship (commonly referred to as “sole custody”), decisions about how your child is raised and educated, as well as where they live, will need to be made with… Read More »

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